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What students honestly think about tbh
"Tbh is a platform where you can find a community to talk to about important topics that might be difficult to bring up in everyday conversations."
"Everything felt so accessible since the team takes into account your schedule and what you want to work on! It’s also free, and a small commitment for those who just want to try it out!"
"Can’t wait to do it again!!!"
"Thanks again to all involved in putting this experience together ❤️ It was amazing!"
"I really liked the people in my group, they were very fun and nice to talk to."
"Thank you for making tbh happen! It’s been life changing (in a positive way) and has supported me in great ways once again! ❤️"
"My tbh coach was amazing! She was incredibly relatable and understood my experiences…all of my group members were able to open up to her and to each other."
"This was a great outlet for my mental health while attending school. I was able to connect with other students with similar situations or backgrounds; just knowing I'm not alone as we talk things out and exchange our stories and discover a solution!"
"My tbh group helped me feel accepted and normalized my feelings. I liked the age range diversity in the group."
"tbh helped me build confidence in myself and connect with my peers!"
"My coach was so amazing!!!!!!! I loved going to every meeting because he really listened and gave great ideas on dealing with stress and difficult situations that come in life."
"I really enjoyed talking in my group and hearing about other people's experiences and hearing the coaches advice on how to deal with different things that can come up in general."
"It is super important that everyone have an opportunity to at least try out therapy without worrying about the cost. tbh helped me finally do that!"
"I LOVE tbh! My coach was amazing! She always gave me room to voice my emotions in a safe and constructive manner while helping me direct my focus toward the future and possible solutions. She really helped me synthesize my thoughts and taught me so much! :D"
"I was able to talk to people with similar experiences to me, which allowed me to feel like I was part of a community!"
"This has been an incredible experience for me and has allowed me to work on myself and connect with other peers. tbh has taught me skills and shown me perspectives that I wouldn’t get otherwise at school, and it’s helped me grow more confident and compassionate to myself."
"This really gave me a sense of community. It also helped me to realize everyone struggles and I’m not the only one."
"tbh helped me with my mental health but it was also very fun!"
"SO HELPFUL AND FUN! This was a great opportunity to meet new friends and to be your true authentic self without being judged. It can help with stress management, school stuff, social stuff, etc."
"The advice I got in my group was very useful. It’s inspirational sometimes, and it’s just great overall. Everyone is supportive and non-judgmental. It’s easy to be yourself and say what’s on your mind because people aren’t going to judge you for it. Everyone is down to earth and open minded."
"I'd recommend tbh especially for people who are confused or uncertain about the future. Whether it’s about a grade or a relationship or anything, its a good place to vent and find possible solutions to problems that you may have."
"My tbh experience reminded me how important community really is for self-growth and healing. The safe and comforting space tbh created for students like me encouraged me to open up about challenges I’m going through - no matter how small or big."
"I would recommend tbh to anyone interested in finding a space to share and let out their feelings."
"It’s an amazing activity for people to build a sense of belonging as well as a way to get a solid framework in terms of your issues and how to solve them."
Diversity matters, find mental health coaches who get you
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Jessica Gutierrez, LMFT
I aim to bring out your strengths and be an empathetic, supportive, and non-judgmental person for you.
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Terisha Simmons, PhD
I am here to collaborate — I believe you are the expert in your own life.
physical wellness
spiritual wellness
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Jasmin Kang, AMFT
tbh, I'm just a fellow human being figuring out how to do life while also helping others figure it out along the way.
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racial trauma
family conflict
learning disabilities
tbh is completely free and personalized for you
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Still have questions? We've got answers!

Who is tbh designed for?
tbh is designed for EVERYONE! Think of tbh like a gym for your mental health: you can sign up no matter what you're dealing with (or even if you're not dealing with anything at all). It's a great place to work through anything that's bothering you, build a better relationship with yourself, or just meet cool people who you wouldn't otherwise meet.
Is tbh therapy? Is it a support group?
How much does it cost?
How many tbh sessions can I attend?
If I don't have insurance, can I use tbh?
If I'm an international student, can I use tbh?
Do I need to download an app to use tbh?
What kind of commitment do I need to make?
Is my information safe with tbh?
Who's going to be in my group?
Will I meet people from my school or other schools?
What am I going to get out of this?
Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?